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Credit Builders is a Credit Restoration Service Agency.  We know that you have many options when selecting someone to help navigate you through the credit restoration process, that's why we focus on giving our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Credit Builders goal is to get our clients to a mortgage approval rating as soon as possible, and although each person's credit situation will vary, on average we can raise most scores within three-six months.

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What we can do for you

Is your credit repairing itself?  80% of American's have inaccuracies  on their credit reports.  This alone can lower your FICO score, costing you thousands of dollars in higher interest rates.  Most do not realize that in just the first month we can generally raise a clients score by 40-80 points, on average.  Credit Repair is 100% legal and effective.  And yes, you can do it yourself. However, we have the tools and expertise to expedite the process.  Working with the three credit bureaus is time consuming and it can be frustrating sifting through their jargon. We don't give up that easily.  Let us help navigate you through the process. get to know us credit and debt counseling

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We have BIG dreams for you

Are you ready to change your life?  Credit Builders wants to help you and your family get control over your financial future. Good Credit is absolutely vital in today's economy.  You have to have a good FICO score to get the following:  

  • a mortgage loan
  • car loan
  • airline ticket
  • car rental
  • lease an apartment
  • buy insurance
  • or be considered for some jobs  

Your success is our success-let's get started!

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