Products to Build Credit History

Credit building can be as simple as choosing the right credit cards to build credit . The products below can help you increase your credit scores, especially if you cannot get an unsecured credit card. These products are suggestions only-and a great place to start.

Rent Accelerator

Credit building tip: report your rent payments by signing up for Rent Accelerator-monthly subscription is as low as $9.95 per month.

Credit Builder MC ($200 Deposit)

Join over 25,000 Credit Builders who have used this Mastercard to raise their credit scores and build a positive payment history. By enrolling through Credit Builders, all processing fees are waived on your deposit to open your Credit Builder Card. Benefits: No Credit Score Approval -No Hard Inquiry Reports to all 3 Bureaus, more often Raise score on average 75 points in 3 months $29 annual fee will be billed on your first monthly statement

Hutton Chase Department Store

HuttonChase is a department store which offers all types of products that you can purchase while building your credit. They currently are reporting to Equifax. To learn more about HuttonChase,

Strong Credit

A Credit Strong account is the fusion of a secured consumer installment loan and a FDIC insured savings account. During the life of your Credit Strong account you build both credit history and savings. When you open a Credit Strong account, we take out a small loan in your name and secure the funds in a FDIC insured savings account. Your monthly loan payments get reported to the 3 major credit bureaus and a portion of your payments goes into your savings account. When the loan is repaid in full, you've built credit history and unlocked your savings funds.


Build your credit with NCD. We offer quality, long-lasting products for home or office. A credit cards to build credit is a good place to start. This is a great credit building product. Revolving credit lines up to $5,000 with no monthly service fees. We have a 95% approval rate. No prior credit history is required. Must be employed and have a minimum household income of $ 1,600.00.

Credit Monitoring

Order Your Credit Reports

Smart Credit (7-Day Trial-$1)

SmartCredit® Credit Monitoring is offered with our SmartCredit® VIP Plan. If you choose to just get credit monitoring without our services, SmartCredit® is a good choice. To get a 3-Bureau Report & Scores (Vantage 3.0 Scores) on a 7-Day Trial for only $1-on a Premium Plan ($18.95)

Identity IQ ($24.99/mo)

Identity IQ Credit Monitoring Get all three credit bureau reports by following this link:

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